Popular VPS Providers

After having introduced several budget dedicated server providers in my last post, I will introduce several VPS providers today. Because there are numerous VPS providers, it is difficult to introduce the “cheapest” VPS providers. Instead, I will introduce VPS providers which I think can provide reliable services. This is not only inferred from their reviews online,… Read More

Dedicated Servers on a Budget

In my previous post, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using a dedicated server as compared to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Today, let me introduce you to a few dedicated server providers that offer dedicated servers at relatively affordable prices. In general, when you rent a server, you would want the server to… Read More

Hello World

Welcome to DARKLYGHT.com. On this blog, I will be posting information as well as tips and tricks on setting up your own server. A personal server can be very useful, in terms of serving up web pages, file back-ups and more. However, some of the guides online jump straight into using the different software, and… Read More