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Welcome to DARKLYGHT.com.

On this blog, I will be posting information as well as tips and tricks on setting up your own server. A personal server can be very useful, in terms of serving up web pages, file back-ups and more. However, some of the guides online jump straight into using the different software, and this may be daunting to some of the beginner users. As a beginner, I spent a lot of time Googling for information and reading up on the benefits and drawbacks of various software tools installed on servers. The blog will serve as a one-stop guide, providing comprehensive guides and information on setting up different software on your server. Hopefully, this blog can help you, regardless of your interest and mastery levels.

For more information on the blog and me, the author, do visit the About page or my personal website at https://katliyang.com. Also, feel free to contact me for any more queries,  I’ll be more than glad to answer them.

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