DARKLYGHT.com was started as a personal project in June 2017 as a means for me to share with you tips and tricks on setting up your own web server. This will be a learning process for all of us because I cannot claim to be an expert myself. However, I think there are people out there who are really interested in the topic. However, some of the information available online may be difficult to grasp or incomplete. Consequently, people may feel daunted. This blog was set up to address this issue, giving simple step by step information. I will also attempt to explain my choice of products or processes throughout my posts, and hopefully, this will enable and encourage more people to set up their own websites on their own web server.

All in all, I sincerely hope you will find the content provided on the blog appropriate and useful.

About me

My name is Kat Li Yang and I am an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore, majoring in Electrical Engineering. You may visit my personal website at https://katliyang.com. Alternatively, you may view some of my programming projects on my personal Git site at https://git.katliyang.com. Feel free to contact me for any queries.